Dear DP2s,

We are all aware that today is your last “normal” day as you go into the exam period tomorrow, which will last a couple of weeks, but after that, you will be free from school!

You are so close to completing one of the most memorable chapters of your lives! The IB is one of the most demanding and challenging programmes, but it teaches you precious life lessons and skills. Over the past two years, you have realised the importance and developed effective time management and study habits that have not only been useful in your DP years, but will also serve you at university. Hopefully, by now, you know that starting an eight-page paper the night before and rushing through your notes 30 minutes before the test doesn’t work and will only put you under terrible stress. Knowing how to juggle assignments and tests with other responsibilities and commitments like CAS while (hopefully) getting a good amount of sleep is just one of the many benefits you get from the hectic days and late nights of your IB years. Just look around or think of all the IB Learner Profiles and ATL Skills displayed on posters in every classroom; these are all the skills you were taught and experienced over the past two years. Some you have experienced more in-depth, others more broadly. But you have had experiences with all of them, and from each of them, you have learnt a lesson or skill that will surely be useful in your personal or professional life! Right now, you probably don’t see the massive benefits of the IB programme because you’re clouded by exam stress (which is natural), but one day you’ll look back and be happy and proud of yourself for having committed to (and survived) the IB.
Over the past two years, each of you has achieved many individual goals and milestones. But let’s record what you have all achieved together as DP students:

  • You have completed approximately 250 hours of classes in each of the three Higher Level courses, for a total of 750 hours,
  • fulfilled about 150 hours of classes for each Standard Level course, for a total of 450 hours,
  • devoted around 100 hours to TOK classes,
  • invested more than 150 hours to CAS,
  • dedicated at least 50 hours of work to the Extended Essay,

and of course, you have committed many, many hours to homework, writing Internal Assessments and studying for tests. But you have survived all these hours, and now you have to take the final step, which is to pass your exams successfully. On behalf of the entire student body, we wish you all the best of luck and are confident that you will pass all your exams with flying colours!

Good Luck!!!

Kind regards,
The Student Council

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