Photographs of 2023 IA’s

Welcome to an insight of what our seniors are doing at this very moment! 

The DP 2 class of 2023 are working on their Biology and Chemistry Internal Assessments, (IA). Below are some captured moments of students from each class setting up their research experiment and an exact definition of what the Internal assessment means. 

Amy is looking at the impact of paracetamol contaminated soil on photosynthesis.

Ashley is looking at the impact of hair treatment on natural hair dye and its durability. 

Charlotte is looking at investigating the effect of different herbal oils in treating an athlete’s foot. 

Ende is investigating how the rate of evaporation of water will change depending on how much water he uses. 

“The Internal Assessment (IA) is a compulsory task for IB students to assess their level in relation to the objectives set out in the Diploma Programme (DP). In short, it serves to see the knowledge, skills acquired, etc., of the students with their subjects”. 

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