External Use Guidelines

This page provides guidelines and resources for showcasing student or teacher work on the school’s public media channels, such as the official website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other print and online publications. Any text, photos, videos, music or other media posted on the school’s external channels are considered official publications of the school and therefore need to abide by copyright laws and use media that is free for commercial use, or at least royalty-free..

Royalty-Free Resources

Many of the resources below offer free media available for commercial use, however several of them require attribution (a link back to the website and the name of the artist who created the media). As rights and licenses are often updated, it’s a good idea to double check and look for the “free for commercial use” label. Many website builders provide their own media stock which is free for commercial use, but licenses should be verified beforehand.

What’s not allowed?

  • Images included in a student work that are credited with a url to the site they came from – this does not mean the student has permission from the artist or photographer to use this image
  • Text copied from another website or source without proper citation
  • Media (music, images, videos) downloaded from YouTube or any other source that doesn’t specify the media is free for commercial use

Final Checklist

  • All identifiable students in photos or videos have been verified that their parents have selected “Yes to All” on their Photo/Video Consent form found on the Teacher Drive. According to our school’s Data Protection Officer, a student wearing a mask is still considered identifiable.
  • No students are identified by name. This means there can’t be a photo or video of a student with the student’s name written next to the image.
  • All media has been confirmed “royalty-free” or (preferably) “free for commercial use” and includes attribution (at least stating the site the media came from and (preferably) the name of the artist who created it.
  • All text has been checked for plagiarism.