Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy teacher appreciation week! Best wishes from the Student Council & Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO) of Strothoff International School! [VIDEO] Wir wünschen unserern Lehrern eine frohe Woche der Wertschätzung! Alles Gute von der Schülervertretung & Eltern-Lehrer-Organisation (PTO) der Strothoff International School! [VIDEO]

Graduation Speech

My dear students, as of now: alumni! Dear Mrs. Strothoff,Dear parents and colleagues,Ladies and gentlemen, Today is a special day not only for you, the graduates of the class of 2020/21, but also for me, who has the beautiful task of releasing you into the so-called real life. You have already gone down in history … More Graduation Speech

MYP1 and the 21-Day Challenge for Down Syndrome Awareness

By Mia Down Syndrome Day is on the 21st of March because people with Down syndrome have another copy of their 21st chromosome. Five students from MYP1 participated in the 21-Day Challenge this year. This challenge was to do something for twenty-one days to raise awareness of Down syndrome and raise money for research more … More MYP1 and the 21-Day Challenge for Down Syndrome Awareness

Dear DP2s,

We are all aware that today is your last “normal” day as you go into the exam period tomorrow, which will last a couple of weeks, but after that, you will be free from school! You are so close to completing one of the most memorable chapters of your lives! The IB is one of … More Dear DP2s,

3rd Frankfurt Conference on Education

Our Head of School, Michael Höfig, speaks tonight at the 3rd Frankfurt Conference on Education on the topic “Private shows the way! Learning to learn excellently! Why private schools are the engines of excellence in education”. The event will be presented by the “Montagsgesellschaft” in cooperation with Newcomers Network and broadcasted live on YouTube from 7:30pm. … More 3rd Frankfurt Conference on Education

Last Day of School for DP2s!

Congratulations DP2 students on your last day of school! We wish you all the best of luck with your exams! Stay strong, you can do it! ————-Herzlichen Glückwünsch an alle DP2-Schüler zu ihrem letzten Schultag! Wir wünschen euch viel Glück für eure Prüfungen! Haltet durch, ihr schafft das!

Earth Day with PYP2

We love our Earth!In their new Unit of Inquiry Sharing The Planet, PYP2 students will explore humans’ responsibility for taking care of the natural world. They were lucky to celebrate Earth Day at the farm this year, enjoying nature and the beautiful spring weather. Huge thanks go to Sarah Schneider, PYP2 Learning Assistant, for producing this video! ——— Wir lieben unsere Erde! In … More Earth Day with PYP2