Dear DP2s,

We are all aware that today is your last “normal” day as you go into the exam period tomorrow, which will last a couple of weeks, but after that, you will be free from school! You are so close to completing one of the most memorable chapters of your lives! The IB is one of … More Dear DP2s,

Last Day of School for DP2s!

Congratulations DP2 students on your last day of school! We wish you all the best of luck with your exams! Stay strong, you can do it! ————-Herzlichen Glückwünsch an alle DP2-Schüler zu ihrem letzten Schultag! Wir wünschen euch viel Glück für eure Prüfungen! Haltet durch, ihr schafft das!

Earth Day with PYP2

We love our Earth!In their new Unit of Inquiry Sharing The Planet, PYP2 students will explore humans’ responsibility for taking care of the natural world. They were lucky to celebrate Earth Day at the farm this year, enjoying nature and the beautiful spring weather. Huge thanks go to Sarah Schneider, PYP2 Learning Assistant, for producing this video! ——— Wir lieben unsere Erde! In … More Earth Day with PYP2

Interview with Ms. Campbell on Hitradio FFH

We’re excited to be a “Frühlings-Freund-Hessen” with Hitradio FFH, which supports initiatives to celebrate Spring by bringing color to all corners of Hessen. You can listen to a radio interview with Ms Campbell that aired on Easter Sunday, in which she discussed how our school is helping to make Hessen more colorful with our bee garden, … More Interview with Ms. Campbell on Hitradio FFH

German Book Presentation

As part of MYP1 Phase 3 German class, students read several works by a German author and gave presentations on a book of their choice. Thanks Laura for sharing your great presentation on Emil und die Detektive by Erich Kästner! ——————- Als Teil des MYP1 Phase 3 Deutschunterrichts, lasen unsere Schüler zahlreiche Bücher eines deutschen Autors … More German Book Presentation

Biomimicry in the Sustainability Action Lab (SAL)

Since the beginning of February, the 15 Sustainability Action Lab (SAL) students have been working on a new module on Biomimicry. Biomimicry is the process of looking to Nature’s forms, processes and systems for sustainable, regenerative design solutions to society’s problems. Nature has evolved sustainable designs over 3.8 billion years and we have a lot … More Biomimicry in the Sustainability Action Lab (SAL)

Compassionate Changemaker

After hearing through social media about a young family’s unexpected tragedy, our thoughtful DP1 student Sharyn collaborated with the MYP1 Service Learning group to brainstorm how they could support.After learning that the family needed baby clothes, toys and nursery essentials, our students launched a fundraiser to help the family rebuild and replace all their belongings. The school community flocked to the website, where donations for … More Compassionate Changemaker