Project Zero (PZ)

What is Project Zero?

Project Zero is a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Ideated by philosopher Nelson Goodman back in 1967, PZ puts the Arts at the very center of the thinking and learning process to enhance the exploration of perspectives and raise self-awareness.

Project Zero at Strothoff International School 

As the name Project Zero already implies: This project consists in not being a project! Project Zero offers a methodology in which the very essentials of the IB philosophy come together, and through which our students can grow their knowledge and potential for leading a future and better world in a creative, safe and encouraging way. It helps build a pathway, thus, through which to fulfill the school’s new profile: to offer a high-level education that motivates our students to be Compassionate Changemakers with the school as their Leadership Lab. For instance, Project Zero allows for:

  • Strengthening the connections between Creativity, Leadership and Sustainability through the Arts as a medium to provoke thinking and facilitate new solutions within the different disciplines.
  • Visible Thinking, where the thinking process is made visible and the Arts and Design, are seen as “a force for developing students’ thinking dispositions, such as: taking perspectives, exploring or synthesizing ideas, making analogies”, among others. In Shari Trishman’s words: “When you look for a while, you become aware of how a thing might look to somebody else; you also become aware of your own lens.”[1]
  • Developing the students’ higher-level, metacognitive and critical thinking skills, while deepening their analysis and problem solving capabilities by documenting the students’ thinking process across subjects and Making Thinking Visible to become aware of  their own way of reasoning and learning as well as their peers’.
  • Promoting Slow Looking as a way to “help students navigate complex systems and build connections while fueling empathy and self-awareness”. [2]

1,2 Boudreau, Emily. “The Art of Slow Looking in the Classroom.” Harvard Graduate School of Education, 16 Jan. 2020,